About Us

Welcome to the First Mennonite Church of Paso Robles

We are located at: 2343 Park St, Paso Robles, CA
Contact us at: 805.238.2445 or email fmennonite@sbcglobal.net

Schedule of Worship

10:00 A.M. Sunday School for all ages
10:30 A.M. Coffee Break
11:00 A.M. Worship Service

Wednesday Evenings
7:00 P.M. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study

Every First Sunday of the month we have a Fellowship potluck lunch after the worship service. On potluck Sundays we do not have Sunday school and we begin at 10:30 A.M. with a Children’s Program followed by the worship service at 11:00 A.M.

Before our regular worship schedule we have a coffee break so we can visit with each other while enjoying a hot drink.


Easter Letter 2017

Easter Sunday is the day of remembrance and rejoicing for Christians of all traditions. It is the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. The resurrection of Jesus not only guarantees the promise of our resurrection, but it is also God’s daily reminder that there is always a new possibility for everyone. Death in all its forms does not have the final say in our lives. When Jesus was raised from the dead, the world witnessed God inaugurating a new day of possibilities for humanity. In other words, there is hope for this world.

We live in a world full of evidences of death. Death is everywhere. But we must remember that the same Spirit of God who brought Christ from the dead dwells in us (Romans 8:11). In that regard, we who follow Christ have the calling to be agents of life and to give evidence of life everywhere we go.

May our speech bring out life where speeches of death abound. May our speech be full of love, truth, and life. Words of love revive the heart of those who suffer hate. Words of truth unmask half-truths that abound today. Many people are condemned to remain in the tombs of labels others have given them. The resurrection of Jesus is a message that change is possible. The Easter message is one that the power of any kind of tomb cannot hold us frozen and without the possibility of a new life. That is the message we should proclaim.

Let us begin by speaking life to those close to us, our families, friends and from there to our neighbors and even the strangers.

This is what Paul says in Romans, chapter 8, verse 11: If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will give life to your mortal bodies also through his Spirit that dwells in you.

Jesus is risen. That is the Easter message. Our God is a God who brings life out of death.

Have a blessed Easter.

In the Lord,

Pastor Romero


Our History

First Mennonite Church in Paso Robles area was established in the Fall of 1897.

When Mennonites families from Germany, Russia and other US States came to California, they settled in the west of Paso Robles. Typically, wherever Mennonites go, they hold Sunday services.

So, at the beginning, these families met in homes. When more families came, they erected a church building in the San Marcos Ranch near Chimney Rock around 1898. Due to travel distances and some cultural differences the congregation divided. One group organized in Paso Robles in the fall of 1903; the other organized in San Marcos in 1904. In 1911 the San Marcos Church moved to the corner of Vineyard Drive and Dover Canyon Road. This church was known as the Willow Creek Church.

In January 1967, a fire consumed the Willow Creek Church building. The location where this church used to be is where the Willow Creek Mennonite Cemetery is.
After the fire the two groups began to meet in the Paso Robles Church.

From its beginning, neither of these congregations was large in numbers, but their presence and impact in the community is still on going.
It is our prayer to continue serving God as we keep serving our community, not in our own strength but in the Lord’s.

First Mennonite Church of Paso Robles is member congregation of Mennonite Church USA and a member congregation of the Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference.

For more information on the Mennonites go to: www.mennoniteusa.org or www.thirdwaycafe.com