January 20, 2019. Sermon: “Baptism: Our Granting of Identity and Mission”

First Mennonite Church January 20, 2019 Baptism: Our Granting of Identity and Mission Matthew 3:13-17  Names. Names confer identity, but names also have meaning. Do you know what either your first or your last name means? Some names, especially last names, originated based on the geographical location a family have lived; thus, we have such … [Read more…]

January 13, 2019. Sermon: “Repentance: A Way of Living”

First Mennonite Church January 13, 2019 Repentance: A Way of Living Matthew 3:1-12 John the Baptist is often called the “harbinger” or “forerunner” of Jesus. These titles simply mean: the one who signals the coming of something or someone, which, in this case, was Jesus’ entry into his public ministry. John came forewarning the people … [Read more…]

December 16, 2018. Sermon: Advent: Joy, A Costly Gift

First Mennonite Church          December 16, 2018 Advent: Joy, A Costly Gift Text: Luke 2:1-20 Often times what we see is not always the real thing. Take for instance photographs of the rich and famous. By photoshopping photographs, not only blemishes or the original backgrounds and other undesired features in the picture can be removed, but … [Read more…]

November 25, 2018. Sermon: Hearing God’s Word Afresh

First Mennonite Church November 25, 2018 “Hearing God’s Word Afresh” Text: Deuteronomy 18:15-22 In many Latin American, Asian and African evangelical churches there is a new office in the church leadership: prophets. I remember this issue being raised at a meeting of a national church convention in one Central American country. When the issue of … [Read more…]