November 8, 2015 Sermon Titled: Working Together (Congregational Meeting)

First Mennonite Church November 8, 2015 Working Together (Congregational Meeting) Devotional: Acts 6:1-7 Sometimes Christians would like to believe that the Early Church was a perfect church besides having the advantage of operating in a unique manner under the power of the Holy Spirit to carry out healings and to do marvelous miracles. But the … [Read more…]

November 1, 2015 Sermon Titled: To “Pull the Plug” or Bet on the Future

First Mennonite Church November 1, 2015  To “Pull the Plug” or Bet on the Future Texts: Jeremiah 32:36-44; Mark 10:17-31 When the future seems hopeless “pulling the plug” sometimes is the best alternative. In the medical field there is something called “DNR,” Do Not Resuscitate. It’s a legal document that patients or (more often) their … [Read more…]